Health From Nature
Health From Nature was founded by Dr.Urszula Lipinska M.D. (Poland) in December
1989.  Our focus has been on providing customers with ingredients for centuries old
European herbal formulations as practiced in Benedictine, Bonifrates and other
monastic communities, as well as books of Hildegard of Bingen, Father Klimuszko,
Father Sroka and other well known European and North American herbalists.
In time our regularly stocked products have come to include vitamins, minerals, liquid
herbal preparations, creams, ointments, encapsulated herbal supplements,
suppositories, nose sprays, essential oils, homeopathic supplements and other herbal
Bulk dried herbs are our specialty and on average we carry over 400 different herbs.

Come and visit us at 47 Roncesvalles Avenue in Toronto.
47 Roncesvalles Avenue  Toronto, Ontario M6R 2K5 Canada tel.(416) 532-9805 fax (416) 645-7088